14th Prague Writers´ Festival
Joseph Roth: I don't know where I'm going

Sunday, 21st March  "For Joseph Roth"
19:00 Guardian Conversation: "Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will"
Nadine Gordimer,
Hans Magnus Enzensberger,
Norman Manea,
Eda Kriseová,
Gary Younge (moderator)

"The Individual is always defeated in the end"
 Joseph Roth

Nadine GordimerHans Magnus EnzensbergerNorman ManeaEda KriseováGary Younge

Monday, 22nd March  "Guardian Day"
15.00 Conversation: "When the tongue resides outside the heart"
Hans Magnus Enzensberger,
Miloslav Topinka,
Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke,
Michael Hofmann,
Michael March (moderator)

"In the beginning, the wound is invisible."
 Edmond Jabes

Hans Magnus EnzensbergerMiloslav TopinkaKaterina AnghelakiMichael HofmannMichael March
17.00 Guardian Conversation in memory of Hugo Young "The Homelessness of Home"
Tadeusz Konwicki,
Hans Magnus Enzensberger,
Orly Castel-Bloom,
Joan Acocella,
Gary Younge (moderator)

"Neutrality is a kind of divinity."
 Joseph Roth

Tadeusz KonwickiHans Magnus EnzensbergerOrly Castel-BloomJoan AcocellaGary Younge
19.30 International Evening
Antonio Tabucchi (Italy)
Norman Manea (United States / Romania)
Nadine Gordimer (South Africa)
Antonio TabucchiNorman ManeaNadine Gordimer

Tuesday, 23rd March  "The Spider's Web"
15.00 Der Standard Conversation: "The New EU: The Still Unborn About the Dead."
Norbert Gstrein,
Antonio Tabucchi,
Jiří Gruša,
Eda Kriseová,
Gerfried Sperl (moderator)

"From humanity via nationalism to bestiality."
 Franz Grillparzer

Norbert GstreinAntonio TabucchiJiří GrušaEda KriseováGerfried Sperl
17.00 Guardian Conversation: "What is tradition? Everything begins with me."
Nadine Gordimer,
Norman Manea,
Gary Shteyngart,
Robert Irwin,
Gary Younge (moderator)

"Man is a puzzle, and above all it is impossible to help him."
 Joseph Roth

Nadine GordimerNorman ManeaGary ShteyngartRobert IrwinGary Younge
19.30 International Evening
Tadeusz Konwicki (Poland)
Norbert Gstrein (Austria)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Germany)
Tadeusz KonwickiNorbert GstreinHans Magnus Enzensberger

Wednesday 24th March  "Flight Without End"
15.00 Reading: "The Art of Poetry"
Miloslav Topinka (Czech Republic)
Zbigniew Machej (Poland)
Jim Naughton (moderator)

"Better for the poet to mutilate his own tongue
 than to dignify the inhuman either with his gift or uncaring."
 George Steiner

Miloslav TopinkaZbigniew MachejJim Naughton
17.00 Conversation in memory of George Plimpton: "The Art of Publishing"
Stavros Petsopoulos (Agra Publications, Greece)
Peter Mayer (The Overlook Press, New York)
Robert Weil (W.W. Norton, New York)
Alexander Tomský (moderator)

"The light of the public obscures everything."
 Martin Heidegger

Stavros PetsopoulosPeter MayerRobert WeilAlexander Tomský
19.30 International Evening
Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke (Greece)
Michael Hofmann (Great Britain)
Robert Irwin (Great Britain)
Katerina Anghelaki-RookeMichael HofmannRobert Irwin

Thursday, 25th March  "In Dark Times"
15.00 Der Standard Conversation: "Vienna: The metropolis of the ethical vacuum"
Robert Menasse,
Michael Hofmann,
Alan Levy,
Karel Schwarzenberg,
Gerfried Sperl (moderator)

"If there's nothing else to do, I'll eat my hat."
 Bertold Brecht

Robert MenasseMichael HofmannAlan LevyKarel SchwarzenbergGerfried Sperl
17.00 Conversation: "Defeat is the price agreed upon."
Tadeusz Konwicki,
Orly Castel - Bloom,
Norman Manea,
Antonio Tabucchi,
Spiros Vergos (moderator)

"It is easier to die for the masses
 than to live with them."
  Joseph Roth

Tadeusz KonwickiOrly Castel - BloomNorman  ManeaAntonio TabucchiSpiros Vergos
19.30 International Evening
Eda Kriseová (Czech Republic)
Orly Castel-Bloom (Israel)
Gary Shteyngart (United States)
Eda KriseováOrly Castel-BloomGary Shteyngart

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