14th Prague Writers´ Festival
Joseph Roth: I don't know where I'm going

14th Prague Writers´ Festival was held from 21 - 25 March 2004.
The Festival was dedicated to Joseph Roth: "I don´t know where I´m going."

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Broadcasts Archive  Prague Writers' Festival 2004

Sunday, 21st March "For Joseph Roth"

19.00 Guardian Conversation: "Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will": 
Nadine Gordimer, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Norman Manea, Eda Kriseová, Gary Younge

Monday, 22nd March "Guardian Day"

15:00 Conversation: "When the tongue resides outside the heart"
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Miroslav Topinka, Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Michael Hofmann, Michael March

17:00 Guardian Conversation in memory of Hugo Young "The Homelessness of Home"

Tadeusz Konwicki, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Orly Castel-Bloom, Joan Acocella, Gary Younge

19:30 International Evening
Norman Manea (United States/Rumenia) Nadine Gordimer (South Africa)

Tuesday, 23rd March "The Spider's Web"

15:00 Der Standard Conversation: "The New EU: The Still Unborn About the Dead."
Norbert Gstrein, Jiří Gruša, Eda Kriseová, Gerfried Sperl

17:00 Guardian Conversation: "What is tradition? Everything begins with me."

Nadine Gordimer, Norman Manea, Gary Shteyngart, Robert Irwin, Gary Younge

19:30 International Evening
Tadeusz Konwicki (Poland) Norbert Gstrein (Austria) Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Germany)

Wednesday 24th March "Flight Without End"

15:00 Reading: "The Art of Poetry"
Miloslav Topinka (Czech Republic) Zbigniew Machej (Poland) Jim Naughton

17:00 Conversation in memory of George Plimpton: "The Art of Publishing"

Stavros Petsopoulos (Agra Publications, Greece) Peter Mayer (The Overlook Press, New York) Robert Weil (W.W. Norton, New York) Alexander Tomský

19:30 International Evening
Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke (Greece) Michael Hofmann (Great Britain) Robert Irwin (Great Britain)

Thursday, 25th March "In Dark Times"

15:00 Der Standard Conversation: "Vienna: The metropolis of the ethical vacuum"
Robert Menasse, Michael Hofmann, Günter Traxler, Alan Levy, Karel Schwarzenberg, Gerfried Sperl

17:00 Hovory: Conversation: "Defeat is the price agreed upon."

Tadeusz Konwicki, Orly Castel - Bloom, Norman Manea, Spiros Vergos

19:30 International Evening
Eda Kriseová (Czech Republic) Orly Castel-Bloom (Izrael) Gary Shteyngart (United States)

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